Gregg Jackson Three Sigma Management
Jacob Pokluda Collaborative Artists
Patrick T. Rousseau & Noah Workman Iris MediaWorks


"The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. " - Arturo, in ILEGALES

It is not a film about borders. Instead, ILEGALES is about the deep need we have for each other. It brings complex and weighty issues onto a personal, human level.

At their best, movies give us the opportunity to learn about a world we might never have access to, they give us an opportunity to in some ways take a few steps in the shoes of someone else. If used properly, feature films can be one of the most potent sources of change in this world. Films have the ability to move people's hearts and souls while educating them and opening their minds to new ideas.

The story of the struggles faced at the border of Mexico and the United States is one that certainly is worth telling. As ILEGALES has taken shape, we have wrestled with some of the questions that hopefully, the viewers will ask:

  • Why is a nation filled with immigrants so adamant about keeping more out?
  • What does it take to get to America?
  • Why do people go?
  • What would I do in that situation?

The ensemble of characters illuminates the lives of illegal immigrants in a way that every person can relate to. Their plight is our own: The struggle to feed one's family, the need for adequate health care, the ability to attain respect and love in a world filled with anger and fear. How can one not feel empathetic to such themes? The characters are all forced to make tough choices in their quest for a better life, but such decisions always come at a high cost.

After watching ILEGALES, our hope is that viewers will question their ideas regarding immigrants, and will view them in a more human light.

Ric Dupont Director
Chris Houghton Editor
Carl Lucas & Marco Shepherd Screenplay and Story
Billy Mallery Music and Sound Designer
Brenda Bush Makeup and Hair Artist

This film is not yet rated. Visit and for more information.