Gorneth D'Oyley as Officer Nedry

Gorneth is of African American, Jamaican and British decent, and has traveled the world since his youth. He credits this multi-ethnic immersion and "people watching" for providing valuable direction in character creation. Recent work includes Saint John of Las Vegas, produced by Spike Lee, and $5 a Day along side Christopher Walken. He frequents roles on films produced in the New Mexico area, is a businessman, and enjoys projects that offer both educational awareness and entertainment.

I most enjoyed being a part of ILEGALES. My character has to make challenging decisions to help prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the U.S. /Mexico border. With the constant push for backdoor asylum, and drain on U.S. tax dollars for welfare and medical resources, the film's message is urgent and not be taken lightly. Given the right distribution and marketing, I strongly believe that ILEGALES can make a positive contribution towards educating people about our borders.