Brian Reece as The Young Farmer

Brian has over ten film projects to his credit, including roles in Terminator Salvation and as the Mustache Man-Hologram on Transformers. Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg both agreed that he looked exactly what they had pictured for the Transformers role, and Brian had to change his wedding and honeymoon schedules to complement the film's production schedule. Off camera, Brian frequently provides aerial coordination and military advisement on films, and is a Lieutenant Major in the U.S. Air Force.

ILEGALES is a cohesive, compelling story that asks the audience to question their own morals and agendas in the illegal immigration debate. Who are the ILEGALES? Are they the migrant workers, the men who enable them, or the people who use them? The Young Farmer enables the illegal immigrants, all the while distaining their work ethic and funneling greed through an ethnocentric lens. ILEGALES had an amazing, hard working crew that battled harsh 100+ degree days in the Southern New Mexico desert. My favorite moment was when people dove to hold down our only shade tent as it was whipped away by dust devils.