Arturo Portillo as Felipe

Arturo has worked on ten film projects during his career, most recently on the 2010 film Due Date starring Robert Downey Jr. With a diverse skill set, he has taken top awards at the 2007 Micro-Fest Film Festival for the short film Madness, along with screenplay accolades at the 2009 Boomtown Film and Music Fest. Arturo's professional hobby is makeup special effects, with a particular interest in horror makeup design. He took third place in the 2007 SFX contest. He routinely does television commercial work in the border town of El Paso, Texas.

My father was a bracero (Mexican day laborer), working the fields in his late teens. He crossed the border to help his father and brother. When he was older, he was fortunate enough to work in The States, find a job, and become a U.S. Citizen. ILEGALES was one of THE best experiences in my life, and the production team did a tremendous job creating a world that reflects the disturbing mood of the storyline. It definitely hits close to home for those living in the Southwest who have migrant workers in the family. On a fun side note, I met a long-lost cousin on set.